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More reasons to send HTML e-mails

  • Repeating campaigns facilitate the remembering of your company name and/or product
  • Easily utilised by individuals, small companies & massive organisations alike
  • Local events! HTML e-mails are generally retained by the subscriber when events are listed so they can later refer to them
  • HTML e-mails can supplement other marketing campaigns
  • Even if the company name or product appears only in the subject line, it's often enough to trigger and re-enforce the memory of the company and/or product
  • Email marketing can be a direct link to your sales team
  • Email marketing can be customised to target audiences! A feature most other types of marketing can not provide
  • Customers receive the information they're interested in
  • HTML e-mail marketing can provide feedback in to what customers are interested in
  • HTML e-mail marketing can provide feedback in to what customers are NOT interested in
  • Newsletters in conjunction with promotions can push sales
  • Newsletters can give customers pre-release information on products or services for feedback
  • Newsletters are personal and strengthen the bond between you and the customer
  • HTML e-mails can containing contact details are usually retained by interested subscribers as an easy reference for contact at a later date
  • HTML e-mails demand interaction. Unlike mostly any other form of advertising customers usually set-aside time to review their inbox. This is time for YOU
  • E-mails provide a 'near' personal connection between you, the customer and your brand
  • E-newsletters keep customers and prospects abreast of any new organizational developments
  • Be of 'extra use' to your subscribers by choosing an appropriate date to send out your information
  • HTML e-mails can be sent at a particular time of day to optimise the response rate
  • Email marketing is the most efficient form of mass communication
  • Beautifully designed HTML e-mails adds confidence in your product, brand or service
  • Loyal customers can be rewarded with personal services and/or discounts
  • Regular communications drives measurable traffic to your website, your promotions page or anywhere YOU want
  • Companies can launch global campaigns to keep their subscribers right up to date!
  • Email marketing delivers news to your audience wherever they may be
  • It's personal! E-mails are addressed to an individual. Make use of this. Confide in them and make them feel special
  • HTML e-mails are Global. If you need to notify people around the whole wide world. You can!
  • Repeating campaigns enable the remembering of your company and/or product
  • Customized offers and messaging lets your prospects and customers feel special
  • Regular communications can keep your customers and prospects interested and loyal
  • An audience can be reached immediately with pre-existing campaigns
  • Targeted HTML email marketing is measurable. Results can be quantifiable
  • Customized dynamic content can offer customers what they're interested in
  • Customers actually welcome the emails with educational information and and special offers
  • Immediacy! HTML e-mails can be produced AND sent within a few hours if required
  • Other forms of advertising/communications can take weeks, if not months to prepare before even the thought of publishing/airing
  • HTML e-mail marketing provides the highest ROI in the arena of marketing
  • HTML e-mails are pretty damn GREEN. No waste products, indeed no physical materials used in the creation
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Why can’t I just send my own mass e-mails?

  • Can you design e-mails to look professional?
  • Can you code graphical HTML e-mails to work in the popular e-mail clients?
  • Sending mass or bulk e-mails will very likely ban and prevent your e-mail address from working unless they are sent from regulated/approved servers? Your e-mail address will be marked as SPAM.
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